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You were slowly coming into consciousness as you felt the warmth beside you fade. Was he getting up already? "Ugh...It's way to early..." you thought. You started to hear him rummaging through the dresser for a fresh pair of clothes. You began to make slight grunts and moans until he let out a sigh. "What is it ____...." he said in his gruff morning voice. "I was just wondering why you were up so early? I mean it can only be like 6, 7 maybe?", "It's almost 10 o'clock." he said with a slight sharpness to his voice. This made the rest of your exhaustion temporarily disappear and your eyes flash open. Yet you still laid there on your side and contemplated if he was actually upset with you or the fact he was getting up later than usual. Even if it was the later, it would still have been your fault. At this point you honestly didn't care since you hadn't gotten to bed until 4am.

This, however, was a different story. You had been out late with Yata, Eric, and some of the other boys just having a good time. Truth be told, once you found out the boys were getting together you decided to tag along to make sure they didn't get into any trouble. Regardless of your attempts there were a few snags in the plan involving a couple of thugs and Yata's hot-head. When you returned from your night out you had definitely made an entrance as you stumbled up the stairs and flopped into bed without any regard for the warm body already laying in it. You weren't intoxicated (highly), just plain exhausted. As you slowly drifted into a deep sleep you didn't notice the then awake Mikoto Suoh that was staring at you blankly, which he was doing so again as he finished pulling his clean shirt over his head. You didn't know what to say, so you decided to test the waters. "Why don't you come lay back down for a while, you still seem a bit tired. I can hear it in your voi-", "No. I'm going out to get a few things. I'll be back soon." he said flatly. "Did he just cut me off? I better not push him...Geez, he can be so testy sometimes..." you thought to yourself as you let out a light moan as confirmation you heard what he had said.

You watched as he gave you a silent wave before going though the bedroom door, down the stairs,  and out of the front of the bar. Deciding it would be best to go ahead and get up, you were sitting up about to go get dressed when all of your exhaustion came rushing back. "Nope, there's no way I'm going through all that trouble right now. T-shirt and sweats it is." you said to yourself as you stood up and proceeded to put on one of Mikoto's white shirts, which hung loosely around you,  and a pair of black sweat pants. With that you made your way down the stairs to who knows what. With it being around 10 some of the HOMRA members were probably occupying the bar down stairs already. As you reached the bottom step a well dressed bartender who was shining his glasses for the first time of many that day greeted you. "Well good morning ____. How did you...Oh, it's one of those days is it?" He questioned as he turned and looked you up and down with a slight smirk. "Shut it Kusanagi, do you have my (favorite morning drink) ready?" you retaliated.

Izumo made a slight 'awwh' as you said his name so harshly. You only used someone's last name if you were upset. "Yes, yes, here you go." He huffed as he put the glass on the counter. When you went over and sat in one of the bar stools you realized that the bar was completely empty except for the two of you and Anna who was sitting silently in a chair playing with her marbles. That surprised you, until you remembered that a lot of the boys had been out at the get together last night and they were probably passed out at someone's place. You sighed, "Thank you Izumo, sorry for snapping at you earlier. Mikoto was being grumpy this morning and I guess -", "____don't worry about it. I understand. You know he stayed up, right?" You looked up from your drink and stared at Izumo with a puzzled look. "So you don't know. Well Mikoto waited up all night for you. The only reason he was in his room when you got here is because I finally convinced him to go upstairs." he finished.

This didn't surprise you, but it wasn't exactly what you expected. "Hmmm..." was all you were able to mange between your exhaustion and trying to process this new information. As you sat there you held light conversation with Izumo and soon other members started to show up.  First was Yata and Rikio, followed by Saburota, Eric, and Masaomi. Of course you greet them all as they pile in, finding a spot and claiming it as theirs. All of them looked rough, and no one was saying much more than light murmurs. Although, the periodic smiles and thumbs up you received let you know that the night before had been a success and enjoyed by everyone. This helped to lighten your mood, but the fact that Mikoto was also suffering from your shenanigans' was still bothering you. Just as this thought was passing through your mind you heard the front door of the bar open and, what little noise there was, disperse.

You knew it was him, and to confirm, everyone currently in HOMRA greeted him appropriately. Some more than others. You however stayed silent and kept your head down, not wanting to engage with him in anyway since you were unsure of how he would react. You heard his footsteps move over to his normal place on the couch, Anna rushing to his side. While you were sitting up at the bar, Izumo began to clear his throat rather loudly. "What's he doing? I'm not looking up from the counter right now..." then he did it once again, "Fine!". You looked up abruptly with a 'What is it already!?' look on your face. Izumo gave a slight nod in the direction you were currently trying to avoid making contact with. Hesitantly, you started to turn your head towards the man you thought would be sleeping, especially since he stayed up to wait for you. Instead, your eyes met and were locked. No matter how much you wanted to look away, you just couldn't. You held his gaze for somewhere around a minute before her broke away and smirked.

Then he did something that drastically improved your mood. With a slight wave of his hand he motioned for you to come join him on the couch. Without much thought you hopped down from the bar stool and shuffled over towards Mikoto. You stood there for a moment and contemplated whether or not you should join him on the couch or not. Apparently he noticed your inner discussion and said "Well don't just stand there ____, I know we could both use a nap." as he patted the space to his right. He was right, you both of you were exhausted. As you sat down next to him he put his arm around your neck and pulled you into him as he laid his head back, shutting his eyes. You nestled against his chest and you could feel yourself smiling, no longer worried about if he was upset. Before you drifted off you whispered "Thank you Mikoto...", "For what?" he mumbled, not even bothering to open his eyes. "For staying up and waiting. For caring." He didn't reply, not that you could hear anyways. But your last comment did cause him to open his eyes and lightly smile, but it soon faded as did both of your consciousness. He wouldn't have to wait up for you now.
He Waited Up For You... - Mikoto Suoh x Reader
Just a little something to help knock the rust off (I don't think it helped, I'm not confident about this piece...)

I feel like it's to boreing, maybe I should make a part two with more action...:icononionwoeplz:

Anyways! I hope you enjoy this...:iconflyingheartsplz:

I don't own any of the characters, and that includes you!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
About me:

For starters, I love going to convention!
This year I will be attending the following...
Comic-con in Dallas, Tx (May 29-31)
A-Kon in Dallas, Tx (June 5-7)
Naka-con in Overland Park, Ks (March 13-15)

I will also be cosplaying at least the later two as a fantastical character, Mey-rin from Black Butler!
Ahh! It's my first time cosplaying and I am so excited.(:

Hm, I'm a girl in high school. I'm pretty outgoing, I love writing, and drawing. I live in Texas, Uhm...Anything Else, just send me a note. :)

My icon is by the amazing :iconnikchomp:!
 I am going to post all raffles, giveaways, and contests I plan on participating in. You should check them out as well!
(I got this idea from a fellow deviant!)
This should be fun. :iconflyingheartsplz:


Chibi Sketch!
Chibi Kagura! by KiraOtanashi-98
Just a simple inked chibi sketch!<3
Note me with the details before payment!
One shots, Short stories, Sketches, colored, Any and ALL!
This includes sketches, lineart, digital, and literature.

For ART:
NO Animals (Animal ears/tails are okay)
NO Hard Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri
I won't do backgrounds (Item/Props are okay)
Anything human/human-like is okay

ONLY for anime/manga (Oc's are okay)
If I get something wrong, feel free to tell me, and I  Will fix it

If you have any questions, just ask me, either in your request or in a note! ::iconlalalaplz:

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